For iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Compatible with: iOS 4.x and later

The first real iOS system cleanup and management utility.

It frees up space on your device, and allows you to configure it to your liking.


iCleaner can free up space in the following ways:

Message attachments: it deletes files sent and received via iMessage or MMS. The "smart" setting only deletes files that do not show up in any message, while "on" deletes all attachments (messages with attachments will show a blank space or icon).

Safari: it deletes cookies, browsing history and cache files to free up memory and preserve your privacy.

Applications: it deletes app caches, cookies, temporary files and snapshots. Furthermore, it detects popular applications to reclaim space that the built-in iOS cache management cannot.

OTA software updates: it deletes downloaded iOS update files.

Battery usage data: it deletes archived battery data, while leaving current battery data untouched.

Unused dependencies: it issues the "apt-get autoremove" command in order to remove packages installed as dependencies that are not needed anymore, and purges uninstalled packages.

Log files: it deletes log files and crash reports from known locations. These files are generally irrelevant to the user and can be safely deleted.

Cache files: it scans and deletes system cache files and databases. Some of them are rebuilt upon respring, while other will be gone permanently. This helps free up space by removing obsolete cache data.

Temporary files: it deletes temporary files from your device. These files are meant to be removed automatically, but they often happen not to.

Custom files and Folders cleanup: with this extremely powerful feature, you can add any file or folder to the cleanup process. Check the user guide for a detailed explaination of how it works.

Launch Daemons, Tweaks & Preference Bundles management:

Daemons are processes that are launched upon system startup (or at a later time) and run in the background. Disabling daemons allows you to break core system functions (such as OTA updates, Game Center, error logging, etc.).

Tweaks you installed via your favourite package manager can be enabled or disabled with a single tap, while still having them installed. This allows for fast troubleshooting of faulty tweaks.

Preference Bundles are responsible of displaying preferences for tweaks in the Settings app. Disabling them will make them unavailable, giving you control about which preferences can be actually seen and edited.

  • Reset preferences of apps and tweaks.
  • Remove definition dictionaries.
  • Launch it via its shortcuts, URL schemes or from the command line.
  • (iOS 14 and below) Remove unused languages, keyboards and voice assets.
  • (iOS 14 and below) Delete unused application assets.
  • (iOS 14 and below) Delete wallpapers.
  • (iOS 6 and below) Move the Fonts folder from/to the system partition.
  • Much, much more. Check the website and user guide to learn more.