Tweaks you installed via your favorite package manager can be enabled or disabled with a single tap, while still having them installed.

This tool lets you troubleshoot faulty/incompatible tweaks without having to go through the lengthy install/uninstall process.

You can effectively use it to temporarily disable subsets of tweaks until you pinpoint which one is the source of whatever issue you're experiencing.

It is not a substitute for actual uninstallation, and you should not use it to disable arbitrary tweaks for prolonged periods of time. Doing so is likely going to cause trouble, especially if you disable tweaks that are marked as dependencies of other tweaks.

Tweaks may depend on one another in order to work correctly. As a result, disabling tweaks that are dependencies of other tweaks may lead to respring loops and other faulty behavior.

The Tweaks tool automatically resolves and manages dependencies by default while you toggle switches, meaning you don't have to worry about dependency issues. This behavior can be disabled by toggling off the "automatically manage dependencies" switch, which gives you more precise control over what can be disabled.

Tweaks with orange switches are dependencies of other tweaks, meaning it's not a good idea to disable them without disabling all their dependants beforehand. This is again done automatically if the "automatically manage dependencies" switch is enabled. Either way, you can tap on each tweak in order to see a list of all its dependencies (tweaks it depends on) and dependants (tweaks that depend on it).

Tweaks with red switches should almost never be disabled, as they are either required by your jailbroken device, or provide significant safety features.

  • As of version 7.5.0, re-enabling tweaks before uninstalling them is not necessary anymore, as iCleaner Pro keeps the dpkg file list synchronized with the current state of the tweaks on your device.

  • Disabled tweaks are not re-enabled by uninstalling iCleaner. You have to manually enable them before uninstalling it.