iCleaner can be run via command line (command: icleaner).

It will automatically run as root user, so you don't need to su beforehand.

The command line interface is a stripped down version of the GUI app, which can be invoked via any terminal app or SSH console. It's mainly there as a security measure, considering you can even run it if your device is in a respring loop and you only have SSH access.

It can also be used to restore Daemons, Tweaks and Preference Bundles to their default state.

Other than being run interactively, iCleaner supports the following command line parameters:

  • -clean : performs a cleanup using the settings you specified within the app or via interactive CLI.

  • -clean -autorespring : performs a cleanup and automatically resprings upon completion.

  • -respring : rebuilds the UI cache and resprings.

  • -restore-togglable-items : restores any change made to daemons, tweaks and preference bundles.

  • -cli : (default) launches the interactive command line interface.