With these tools you can remove the localization assets you don't need from your iDevice.

In order to remove them, you need to select which ones you wish iCleaner to remove via the languages to remove menu.

Languages will remove locales you don't need from iOS and any application that supports localization.

Keyboards will remove keyboard files, the ones you can configure in "Settings - General - Keyboard - International keyboards".

Voice control languages will remove languages used by Siri and Voice Control, and many other voice files included in other system frameworks.

  • This tool is only available on iOS 14 and earlier, as the introduction of the sealed root filesystem makes it largely non-functional.

  • English cannot be removed as a security feature.

  • iCleaner will not allow you to delete your own language in most cases (it won't appear in the list of languages to remove). You're encouraged to double-check anyway, especially if you rely on multiple languages and switch from one to the other.

  • If you remove your own language by mistake, and need it back afterwards, you'll have to restore your device.

  • New language bundles are installed whenever you install/update apps or tweaks, which makes the "languages" tool different from the "keyboards" and "voice control languages" tools, as the latter don't need to be run more than once per iOS restore.

  • Removed keyboards will still appear in the keyboards list, but they won't work.

  • Removing languages may break some apps, or cause them to display black launch screens. As any tool in the "advanced" tab, "test mode" and the "excluded apps" menu are your friends.

  • Removing languages (and images) will also affect .ipa files transferred from the device to iTunes.