Running this tool wipes the list of available APT packages, meaning package managers will not list any package until they reload their package lists.

Purging package lists may be helpful if your package manager's sources aren't updating correctly due to corrupt lists.

With this tool you can remove the dictionaries used by the define function of your device.

There are many dictionaries you will never use, but it's a good idea to keep the "Apple Dictionary" installed, in order to keep "define" functional.

This tool allows you to remove the stock wallpapers that come with your iOS device.

You can tap to see previews, and swipe to remove them one by one.

iCleaner can move the huge "Fonts" folder from/to the System partition, which has very limited space. Please note that no space is gained during this process, as the folder is just moved.

Of course, fonts will still be available to iOS. The folder is moved and then replaced with a symbolic link to the new location, so everything will work just as before. You can bring it back to its original location by re-running this tool.

The "Move fonts folder" function is not available on iOS 7 and newer because moving fonts also breaks the emoji keyboard.