Plugins can be activated by heading to the settings tab (the third tab in iCleaner) and enabling the relative switch.

You can assign iCleaner cleanups to Activator events.

The iCleaner cleanup action will present a timeout alert before actually starting the cleanup, while the no popup version will directly start the cleanup.

The most useful aspect of Activator integration is that you can use it to set automatic cleanups at specific days and times of the day.

You can create scheduled events by opening the Activator settings, tapping on Everywhere, then on Edit in the top right corner, and finally on Scheduled.

This extension allows you to add an iCleaner cleanup (with or without popup) button to your Control Center.

iCleaner uses Flipswitch to provide its buttons, therefore it's compatible with every Control Center tweak that supports Flipswitch.

iCleaner supports theming via Winterboard and Anemone. Restarting the app is required for settings to take effect.

You can refer to the dedicated theming page of this document for further information.

  • If plugins are not available but they are enabled within the app, please respring your device.

  • If Passcode lock is detected while attempting to run a cleanup, the iCleaner app will not be started. Instead, the cleanup process will be run in background while showing an alert, and the device will automatically respring upon cleanup completion.