Launch daemons are processes that are launched upon system startup (or at a later time) and run in the background.

Disabling daemons allows you to break core system functions (such as OTA updates, Game Center, error logging, etc.).

As such, please be aware that software relying on the daemons you disable may stop functioning properly. While disabling some processes that run at load can somewhat improve the performance of very old devices (iPhone 3GS and earlier), it is still not recommended to do so unless you really know what you're doing.

Also note that disabling daemons has negligible impact on the performance of newer devices.

Preference Bundles are responsible for displaying preferences for tweaks in the Settings app. Disabling them will make them unavailable, giving you control about which preferences can be actually seen and edited.

Disabling PreferenceLoader will make you unable to view or edit settings for all your tweaks inside the Settings app. A switch to toggle PreferenceLoader is visible at the top, in order to make its current status clear, and allow you to toggle it at will. All the gotchas that apply to tweaks apply here as well.

The Preference files menu allows you to view and manage preference files created by your installed tweaks. Deleting a preference file effectively resets the relative tweak to its default configuration.

This tool can be used to remove preference files left by tweaks you are no longer using, or to troubleshoot problems caused by incorrect or corrupt preference files.

  • If you used other daemon management tools, or you manually disabled some of them (by moving their plist files or via launchctl), please restore daemons to their original configuration before managing them with iCleaner.

  • Disabled launch daemons and Preference Bundles are not restored by uninstalling iCleaner. You have to manually enable them before uninstalling it.