Here is a collection of common issues that I get report of via email, with instructions about troubleshooting them.

Please note that most of these problems are not directly related to iCleaner. Because of this, this page is divided in two sections (iCleaner related and unrelated).

General rules of thumb:

Most problems with the iCleaner app itself can be solved by reinstalling it. Please make sure you're installing it from one of my official repositories or from the BigBoss repo. Cracked iCleaner packages can cause all sorts of issues, which I won't be supporting.

Most seemingly iCleaner-related side effects (including, but not limited to: safe mode crashes, user interface glitches, screaming children haunting your dreams, etc.) can be solved by respringing, or rebooting your device.

If restarting your device didn't work, try rebooting your device in no Substrate mode: you can do so by rebooting it and holding the "volume up" button until the lockscreen shows up. The device will boot up without Substrate (aka, most of your tweaks won't be working). If your problem goes away while in this mode, then it's very unlikely that iCleaner is the cause of your issue. You may have installed a faulty or incompatible tweak, and it's up to you to track which one is causing your problem and uninstall it. You can use iCleaner Pro's Cydia Substrate addon tool to easily identify which tweak is the culprit.

The iCleaner app crashes.

Oops, there might be a nasty bug somewhere in my code. Unfortunately, sending me an email complaining about it won't help much in determining what is making it crash. You're much more likely to see the crash fixed if you do the following:

  • Install CrashReporter from Cydia, open it, navigate to the latest iCleaner crash log (they're ordered by date and time), and grab both the crash log and syslog.
  • (optional) Make a short video showing me when exactly the app is crashing. This will help me understand what may be causing it.
  • Compose an email explaining what's happening, and detailing the steps to reproduce the crash. Important: make sure to specify your device, iOS version and iCleaner app version.
  • Attach the crash log, syslog and the video you made, then send all of this to [email protected].

Thank you, and sorry for the trouble!

The Activator/Flipswitch/other iCleaner plugin is not working, even though I enabled it within the app.

This issue is solved by performing a respring.

I purchased iCleaner, but my device is not yet registered or I didn't receive my registration code.

Purchases are usually processed instantly, but they may be delayed by Paypal for various reasons. If you did not receive your registration code within two hours from the purchase, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].

When I try to "buy iCleaner" or "manage registered devices", an error pops up saying the server is unreachable.

This issue is usually caused by cracked iCleaner packages, which disable the ability of the app to contact the registration server. You may have updated to a cracked package by mistake, or may have intentionally installed it. Either way, the fix is uninstalling iCleaner, and reinstalling from one of my official repositories or from the BigBoss repo.

If this is not the case, the registration server may actually be offline. I'll probably be already working on it, though if you keep displaying this error, feel free to send me a support email via the app.

I deleted my language by mistake, how can I recover it?

If you enabled "test mode" beforehand (as recommended), just use the "restore backup files" function. Otherwise, you will have to restore your device.

I cannot install or update AppStore apps.

This seems to be a recurring issue with the latest iOS 8.x jailbreak, as seen on multiple Reddit posts. The temporary fix is changing your system language to anything else than your current language, then switching it back.

I installed iCleaner, but its icon isn't showing up.
iCleaner's icon or other SpringBoard icons disappeared, or are completely white.
iCleaner or other Cydia apps crash upon startup.

This issue is usually caused by icons cache being uncorrectly rebuilt and/or a bad applications state (the main suspect is the "AppSync" tweak. Please uninstall it if you have it installed). This may happen randomly after installing apps, Cydia tweaks, applying themes and generally pretty much anything that requires a respring. You can try several things to fix it:

  • Reboot, or hard-reboot (keep both the "home" and "power" button pressed until it reboots) your device.
  • Run iCleaner again with "cache files" enabled, then let it respring.
  • Open up "Mobile Terminal", run "uicache" (without quotes), then respring or reboot your device.
  • Reinstall "Cydia Substrate" from Cydia. Make sure to select "reinstall", don't remove it or all your tweaks will be uninstalled as well.
  • Reinstall the disappeared/white apps and/or tweaks.
  • Reset your home screen layout ("Settings - General - Reset - Reset home screen layout").
  • (iOS 6 and earlier) Install "SBSettings" and use the "fix blanks" function. Just open the SBSettings window, tap on "More", then "Dock Applications" and finally "Fix Blanks" in the upper right corner.

If none of these solutions works, you can try forcing the applications state to be rebuilt. To do so, backup and delete the following two files via iFile or SSH:

/var/mobile/Library/Caches/ (iOS 8 and newer firmwares don't have this file)
/var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ('###' is a three digit number)

Then reboot your device. After you unlock it, your apps should start to slowly pop back up on the home screen.

Wallpapers have disappeared from the Settings app, but I never deleted them.

This is a rather common issue with the current jailbreaks. It's not caused by iCleaner, but I'm still investigating to understand what causes it.

The fix is pretty simple. Check out this JailbreakQA question.

Some icons are replaced by question marks within the Settings app.

This issue appears to be caused by some WinterBoard themes. Try disabling them one by one to find out the culprit, then uninstall it. Running iCleaner with the "cache files" step enabled after disabling themes may help, too.

iCleaner causes my device to respring during the "Unused dependencies" step.

This happens occasionally and under obscure circumstances during "apt-get autoremove", the command used by iCleaner to remove unused dependencies. It has nothing to do with iCleaner itself, and it's unlikely I'll ever be able to fix it.

One of my applications is broken or not behaving as it should, or it's missing some save/update data.

Some applications may store useful information in their cache folders (yuck!), which are being deleted by iCleaner. This can result in the app not behaving correctly, or missing some data. Some apps are tolerant, and will just re-download the needed files upon startup. Other apps will have to be uninstalled and installed back.

After doing this, you can exclude the app via the "Excluded apps" submenu in iCleaner. This will prevent iCleaner from cleaning up that specific application. Note that, as of version 7.2.0, iCleaner features multiple app exclusion menus, one for every relevant removal tool.

Finally, "Test Mode" is your friend! You can always make a test cleanup when you install new applications, and eventually restore the backup files if you notice any problem with them.

Some applications are displayed in a quarter of the screen.

This is caused by some tweaks that are incompatible with your iOS version. As always, iCleaner Pro's Cydia Substrate addon tool can help you pinpoint the culprit.