I'm having this weird issue with iCleaner or your repositories...

Check out the troubleshooting page.

What's the difference between iCleaner and iCleaner Pro?

iCleaner Pro has the same feature set as iCleaner, plus: launch daemons, tweaks and preference bundles management, a preference files removal tool, and a fully customizable cleanup step.

iCleaner Pro is only available on my personal repositories and not on any community repo, because it has advanced features that should only be used by tech-savvy users. See this post for further information.

Why am I seeing a privacy policy popup when the app starts?

European privacy laws require apps that use device identifiers (such as IDFA, the identifier for advertising, or UDIDs) to ask for permission by the user before using said identifiers.

The ads SDKs iCleaner is using implicitly makes use of IDFA to provide ads, which is why I'm now forced by law to ask European users for permission before showing them ads. European law also makes it very clear that European users should be presented with a link to the privacy policy, so that they can learn how their data is being used.

I purchased iCleaner, but it's not showing up in my purchased items in my package manager. Why is that?

iCleaner has its own payment processing backend, therefore it won't be visible as a purchased item in your package manager.

I'm afraid iCleaner might break something...

Just run it with "Test mode" enabled. iCleaner will backup files instead of actually deleting them. Backup files can be restored or removed afterwards.

"Test mode" can be enabled in the "Settings" tab.

Note: unused dependencies are currently not backed up by enabling "Test mode".

Where can I find the backup files created by iCleaner? I want to store them on my computer.

Test mode simply backups files in-place, meaning they are left in their original position on the filesystem. This has its reasons: simplicity, fault tolerance, and it really makes no sense to backup temporary data that is only relevant for a very brief time interval.

Because of this, there's no simple way to move them someplace else (besides building a separate tool/script to do it), and I don't currently support it.

There are cases in which an actual backup solution would be nice to have (as an example when deleting language data or app assets), which is why this feature is actually on my to-do list for a future release.

Does iCleaner log what it's doing?

iCleaner saves the last analysis or cleanup log. It can be easily viewed by navigating to the "Settings" tab. The log file is located at "/var/mobile/Library/iCleaner/junk.txt".